Tips for New Swim Spa Owners

Congratulations on becoming a proud swim spa owner! Now, it’s time to master the art of maintenance. We realize it can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey, which is why we’ve put together this list of helpful tips to guide you along the way!

Regularly Test Your Water

Testing your swim spa water is one of the most important things you can do. Properly balanced water is more comfortable to soak in and it also helps extend the life of your swim spa.

Test your swim spa’s sanitizer and pH level 1 to 2 times per week. If the levels are too high or too low, adjust as necessary.

A sunny outdoor scene of a jacuzzi swim spa on a wooden deck

In addition to testing the water yourself every few days, we also recommend you have your swim spa water tested by a professional every month. Simply take a water sample to your local swim spa dealer and they’ll be able to provide you with a more in-depth water analysis. 

Add Your Chemicals Correctly

How you add your chemicals to your swim spa water can also impact their effectiveness. To ensure that the chemicals you add to your swim spa work efficiently, there are two important steps to follow:

  • Turn the jets on. Having the jets running while you add your spa chemicals will help keep them suspended in the water as they dissolve. This prevents the chemicals from clumping together on the floor or seats of the swim spa and ensures they’re fully dissolved and spread evenly.
  • Wait 15 minutes in between each chemical. This prevents each chemical from interacting with each other in ways that could reduce their efficacy by allowing it to fully integrate into the water.

Clean Your Filters

working filter system in a swim spa

Remove and rinse your swim spa’s filter with a garden hose 1 or 2 times per month, depending on how often you use it. This will remove dirt from your filter to keep it working effectively and help prevent damage to your filtration pump. 

To remove larger particles, oils, and lotions from your filter, you’ll want to use a filter cleaner three to four times a year.

Over time, the fibers on your filter will begin to stretch, allowing larger particles to infiltrate. So, you’ll want to replace your filter every year. 

Keep the Swim Spa Cover On When Not in Use

We recommend you keep the cover closed on your swim spa when you’re not using it. The cover will help insulate the water and increase the energy efficiency of the swim spa. It also keeps debris and leaves out. The swim spa cover also keeps UV radiation from the sun out preventing the breakdown of sanitizer. 

swim spa with closed cover

Keep the Jets Open When Not in Use

When you’re not using your swim spa, make sure the jets and waterfalls are in the open position. This will help with circulation and prevent dead zones in the plumbing. Dead zones allow for bacteria to grow, leading to cloudy water and increased sanitizer use.

Store Your Chemicals Indoors

Heat and humidity can impact the effectiveness of your test strips and chemicals. Store them in a cool dry place that isn’t too hot or too cold. 


As a new swim spa owner, we understand there can be an initial learning curve. However, once you become familiar with your maintenance routine, it becomes surprisingly straightforward. Devoting about 5 to 10 minutes per week to swim spa maintenance is all you need to keep the water safe to use and ensure your swim spa lasts a long time.