Best Swim Spa Accessories to Enhance Your Workout

A swim spa is a fun way to get a full-body, low-impact workout all on its own, but there are plenty of accessories you can add to the mix to diversify your exercise regimen. It’s always a good idea to keep things interesting by changing up your workout regularly, even in a swim spa, and just a few easy additions can help you do exactly that.

But what are the best swim spa accessories, and what exactly do they have to offer? Take a closer look at how swim spa accessories can transform your workouts.

Swim Spa Accessories for Exercise

Regular swim spa workouts can leave you in the best shape of your life, but what if you’re looking to focus on particular areas of the body that swimming alone won’t necessarily hone in on and tone? Consider adding these swim spa accessories to your regimen for a more targeted approach:

Resistance Bands

Resistance workouts can help you hone in on particular areas of the body that you’re looking to strengthen. They can also allow for better muscular balance and a wider range of motion. These simple accessories open the door for a vast array of unique workouts that can be tailored specifically to your goals.

Aqua Dumbbells

Lifting weights is an ideal way to target specific muscles so that you can build strength, increase endurance, and sculpt the physique of your dreams. Lifting weights in your swim spa can help you do all of those things while keeping you cool and comfortable while reducing unnecessary impact on your joints.

Aqua dumbbells are water-resistant and safe for swim spa use.

Aqua Boxing Gloves

Boxing offers a great full-body cardio workout, not to mention useful self-defense skills. Boxing in your swim spa can help you keep cool during your workout while also providing water resistance for an even more intense workout — all with reduced impact on your joints.

You don’t want to bring just any boxing gloves into the water, though. You’ll want to opt for gloves specially designed for use in the water, such as aqua boxing gloves.


Getting started with your swim spa exercise regimen is easier with the help of a tether. This simple device can help keep you afloat and swimming in the proper position so that you can comfortably focus on your workout.

Swim Spa Accessories

Other Useful Swim Spa Accessories

Not all useful swim spa accessories are directly incorporated into your workout. Opt for these accessories to make your swim spa safer, easier, and more enjoyable as you exercise.


Your swim spa’s water will help to keep you cool and comfortable during your exercise routine, but on particularly hot days, it may not be quite enough to keep your body temperature where you want it to be.

A swim spa umbrella can provide much-needed shade while you get to work meeting your fitness goals.

Drink Holder

Hydration is key at all times, but it’s even more crucial when you’re breaking a sweat and burning calories. You want to keep cold water on hand at all times when you’re getting your workout in, and this can be made much easier if you have a convenient drink holder available in your swim spa.


Jumping into your swim spa exercise routine can be a challenge if you need to clear out leaves and other debris from the water before you can get started. You can avoid this problem by purchasing a cover for your swim spa.

swim spa's opened cover

When placed over your swim spa after a workout, this cover can save you valuable time and effort the next time you’re ready to get in the water.

High-Quality Swim Spas From WCI Pools & Spas

Swim spa accessories allow you to customize your workouts to meet your specific goals. At WCI Pools & Spas, we have everything you need to take your swim spa workouts to the next level in Iowa.

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