Is It Possible to Install a Pool on a Slope?

Nothing rounds out a beautiful backyard quite like the addition of a swimming pool. Not only does it add a whole new level of recreation and relaxation to your property, but it can also beautify your yard by adding the serenity of shimmering blue water to its design.

But even if you’ve got the financial means and room on your property for a swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you’ve got a perfect place for it to go. 

Many people have backyards that are mostly sloped, and even if the sloping is not all that considerable, it can still leave you wondering whether you’ll be able to accommodate any kind of swimming pool.

If that sounds like you, then don’t worry, because all hope is not lost. Just check out this guide to see what your options are for installing a pool on a slope. You should find yourself lounging in clear, cool waters in no time at all.


Installing a Pool on a Slope


Are you wondering whether you can still have a swimming pool if your property is sloped? To put it briefly — yes, you certainly can. However, doing this can be incredibly difficult, and it’s going to require the help of knowledgeable professionals to get it done properly.

The good news is that most people already seek the help of knowledgeable professionals before doing any kind of pool installation, so you’ll just have to make sure that the team you go with is aware that they’ve got a different sort of job cut out for them and confirm that they’ve got the experience to tackle such a job.

Swimming pool in backyard.

Where on the Slope Should I Install My Pool?


You’ll want to consult a contractor to get the most accurate answer to this question, but typically, the pool can be placed anywhere. There is a general rule, however, which states that you should install your pool high enough on the slope that there’s no runoff into the pool or onto the patio that surrounds it.  


Strategies for Installing a Pool on a Slope


You’d probably rather not wait around for a contractor to come by your house and tell you whether your property can ever be the home of a functioning swimming pool. Check out the following strategies that are commonly employed in situations like these in order to determine the answer for yourself:


Grade the Slope with Construction Equipment


You can always remove the slope or add to its lower side to even it out using a backhoe and other construction equipment. Leveling out the ground is perhaps the simplest option when attempting to install a pool on a slope, and if the incline is minor enough, it may not even take too much work.

However, this option is not always a viable one when the slope is too steep. A steep incline is more than likely going to require another approach to installation.


Build a Retaining Wall


Retaining walls are not just a great way to get a pool installed on a sloped property — they can also add a lot to the aesthetic qualities of your yard. They’re often used in property design without even involving a swimming pool, but the two combined can create something unique that you’re unlikely to see in many other yards.

The biggest advantages of this option are its ability to tackle just about any kind of slope and the flexibility it allows in your design. Your retaining walls can also provide extra seating, which is always great if you plan on entertaining around your pool.

WCI-retaining wall with a swimming pool


Go for an Infinity Pool


Sometimes limitations open the door for innovation, and that innovation can provide you with a solution that’s bigger and better than what you would have selected if you hadn’t had any limitations in the first place. Instead of battling your sloping property, you can work with it by adding an infinity pool.

Infinity pools are a highly stylish and popular option for swimming pools today. They’re designed to appear as if they have no edges, which can look particularly dazzling if they’re set on an incline. Opting for one is a simple way of embracing your sloped property and using it to your advantage.

Infinity pool - WCI


Should I Install a Pool Even Though My Property is Sloped?


There are plenty of ways to get a pool on your property, even when it’s considerably sloped. It may take more time, effort, and money, but if you’re set on turning your yard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of, then they’ll be small prices to pay in the long run.


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