Hot Tub Cover Buyer’s Guide

Hot tub covers may not seem all that important, but you’d be surprised by just how much these underrated aspects can bring to your spa experience. They don’t just work to keep out debris; they can also help retain heat and reduce your energy usage as well.

That said, not all covers are created equal, which is why you’ll want to know what to look for when you’re shopping for one. Ensure you get the perfect hot tub cover for your spa by having a look at the following hot tub cover buyer’s guide from WCI Pools & Spas!

When to Replace Your Old Hot Tub Cover

A well-maintained hot tub cover can last you a long while, but years of use can still cause plenty of wear and tear in the form of warping and waterlogging. When these things happen, you’ll likely want to seek out a replacement for the sake of appearances and convenience, but there’s also the matter of energy efficiency to consider; older covers lose their ability to retain heat, which causes the hot tub to work harder to keep itself warm.

What to Look For in a Hot Tub Cover

There are a few important factors involved in choosing the perfect hot tub cover; some of these are a matter of taste, others are a matter of efficiency, and a select few involve a matter of measurement.

Keep the following in mind when you begin your search and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a perfect selection for your spa:

man closing hot tub cover

Getting the Right Measurements

None of the other aspects of a great hot tub cover will matter if the one you choose doesn’t even fit. With that said, always make sure to go by the measurements of your hot tub itself and not its current cover, as it can warp and change shape over time; you want the new cover to fit like a glove, as that’s the only way it’s going to retain heat as it’s meant to.

Selecting a Brand

Always veer on the side of caution and pick a hot tub cover made by a highly reputable manufacturer with solid reviews and an included warranty. Covers from these brands may come at a higher price point than those offered by lesser-known brands, but the value and security you’ll be getting can easily justify the extra expense.

Selecting Your Insulation

One of the most important aspects of your hot tub cover is the insulation that it offers; too little can cause your hot tub to struggle to maintain its temperature, spiking your energy bills in the process. At the same time, you may not need the highest level of insulation depending on whether your tub is situated indoors or outside and the kind of climate you live in.

Selecting a Color

man opening hot tub cover in winter

Aesthetics are an important factor to most people when it comes to their hot tub cover, but you should make sure you’ve got everything else in line before you start thinking about style. If the tub has the right measurements, comes from a reputable brand, and offers sufficient insulation, then go for any color scheme that you see fit.

Caring for Your Cover

Investing in a high-quality hot tub cover is well worth it, but it won’t necessarily come cheap. With that said, to ensure a great return on your investment, take great care of your cover by doing the following:

Apply a Protectant

There are special hot tub cover protectants designed to block UV rays and prevent wear, and they make for a simple solution that can significantly extend your cover’s life.

Use the Right Cleaner

Always make sure to use a cleaning product that’s safe for your hot tub cover; some products can do more damage than good.

Repair Any Damage

Small rips or tears in your hot tub cover can be easy to ignore at first, but in time, they can develop into much bigger issues. Reach out to your hot tub retailer to see if they offer repairs so you can avoid any costly headaches down the road.

Hot Tub Covers From WCI Pools & Spas

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