Best Premium Hot Tubs

You can benefit from adding virtually any hot tub to your home, but there’s no doubt that some of them have more to offer than the rest. Premium hot tubs take the spa experience to a whole new level with luxurious seating, superior-quality jets, and deluxe features. Simply put, they are the best of the best when it comes to home hot tubs.

But how do you choose the right premium hot tub for you? Take a closer look at exactly what makes a premium hot tub a cut above the rest.

What Makes a Hot Tub Premium-Quality

As you search for the best hot tub for your home, there are a few key elements you’ll want to keep an eye out for, especially if you are interested in premium hot tubs. Those elements include the following:

A close-up view of the corner of a Jacuzzi hot tub with a dark wooden panel


The materials your hot tub is made from will not only have a more attractive appearance when they’re of high quality, but they’ll also provide your spa with greater durability and efficiency. Finer materials are tougher and longer-lasting, and they provide the tub with better insulation, which can keep your utility bills down.

Premium hot tubs are typically made with these fine materials.


You’ll want to ensure you have enough seats for you and any guests you plan on having in your hot tub, but there’s more to seating than just capacity with premium tubs. These tubs offer you the chance to choose between different types of seats as well.

For example, there are lounge seats that offer an incredible individual experience, and bench seats provide more room for more guests. Knowing which you’d prefer most will make finding the perfect premium hot tub an easier process.


hot tub seat with working jets

You can find many different types of jets in a hot tub that provide all kinds of hydrotherapeutic relief. Considering the style of jet is important, but you’ll also want to keep in mind the number, the placement, and the model when picking out your hot tub. Premium hot tubs offer a diverse range of jets — and often the most powerful as well.


There is a certain amount of maintenance required to keep your hot tub in great shape, but premium tubs come with features that can help reduce that maintenance. Make sure to look for quality filtration and water sanitization systems in your hot tub.


Perhaps the most notable benefit of choosing a premium hot tub apart is the selection of deluxe features that they offer. When you opt for a premium tub, you can enjoy features like:

  • Bluetooth audio
  • Smart features
  • Cascade waterfalls
  • LED lighting
  • Cabinetry

Such features can all work to make your experience as luxurious as possible.

Our Choice for the Best Premium Hot Tub

At WCI Pools & Spas, we offer a range of premium hot tubs. One of our top picks is the Jacuzzi®️ J-485. This tub exemplifies the best of what premium hot tubs have to offer.

The Jacuzzi®️ J-485

Jacuzzi 485 hot tub installed in the backyard surrounded by autumn foliage and a wooden deck

When you break out your premium hot tub checklist during your search for the perfect spa, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any option that checks off more boxes than the Jacuzzi®️ J-485. This spa represents the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, and it comes with features like:

  • Seating for six to seven guests
  • Three therapy seats
  • Five unique color options
  • Three unique cabinet colors
  • Nearly 50 premium-quality jets
  • Accent lighting
  • An illuminated waterfall
  • CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® water technology
  • Optional SmartTub smart features
  • Optional Extreme Cold Weather added insulation
  • Optional Bluetooth stereo entertainment

This hot tub covers a laundry list of what people look for in a superior hot tub. From spacious, luxury seating and fine materials to cutting-edge water sanitation technology and jet options, you can’t go wrong when you choose the Jacuzzi®️ J-485.

Premium Hot Tubs From WCI Pools & Spas

Looking for the premium hot tub of your dreams? At WCI Pools & Spas, we are committed to ensuring our customers never settle for less. Our team has over 60 years of experience in providing Iowa homes with quality hot tubs, pools, and saunas.

Reach out to WCI Pools & Spas today to learn more about our products and how we can transform relaxation and recreation in your home!