Using Your Hot Tub in Cooler Weather

One of the biggest benefits of having a hot tub is the year-round use you can get out of it. While lounging in your tub beneath the summer sun can be an amazing experience, relaxing and soaking in the colder months may feel even better.

However, there are a few things you should know about using your hot tub in cooler weather, both for your safety and for the protection of your hot tub. To bring you up to speed on exactly what those things are, take a look at this easy guide to cold-weather hot tubbing.

Staying Safe

It’s not inherently dangerous to use a hot tub in cold weather, but there are certain risks that aren’t present during the warmer months. Keep the following tips in mind to stay safe while enjoying your relaxing winter soak.

Bring Proper Footwear

While they can be useful even when you’re using your hot tub in warm weather, sandals become an absolute must in the cold months, particularly if there’s snow on the ground. You don’t want to get your feet too cold before getting into the tub, and you don’t want to step out directly onto the freezing cold ground.

Be Prepared for When You Get Out

The contrast between the heat of the hot tub and the weather outside can be dangerous for your body if you’re not careful. That’s why you don’t want to spend any more time outside of the tub than you need to once you’ve gotten out of it for good. Have a robe or towel and your sandals or slippers readily available for when you’re ready to get out and waste no time getting back indoors.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always a good plan, but it’s something to be even more aware of when you’re using a hot tub in cold weather. When you’re in your hot tub, and your body temperature is raised, you’re becoming dehydrated at an increased rate. To avoid any of the various issues associated with dehydration, make sure to keep drinking plenty of water while you soak.

Don’t Stay in Too Long

The longer you stay in, the higher your body temperature gets. The higher your body temperature gets, the greater the contrast between you and the temperature outside. It’s already potentially dangerous to stay in the hot tub too long, but with the added risk of extreme temperature fluctuations, it’s important to be even more cognizant.

Caring for Your Tub

Cold weather means an elevated risk of damage to your hot tub if you’re not careful. Keep the following tips in mind, and your spa should stay safe and usable all winter long.

Keep an Eye on the Water Level

The lower the water level gets, the higher the risk of freezing your hot tub in cold weather. Check the water level often, and make sure to add more as soon as you notice the level getting lower.

Clean and Maintain Water Frequently

It’s also important to be even more vigilant about keeping the water clean and balanced during the cold months. Unfortunately, complicated maintenance and care issues can be a much bigger headache if you have to take care of them when it’s freezing cold outside.

Change the Water Before It Gets Cold

You should change your hot tub water about three or four times a year, which means that one of those times is bound to be during the cold months if you change the water regularly. However, if you plan on using your hot tub a lot when it gets cold out, you may want to bump up your water-changing schedule to avoid having to do it in the freezing cold.

Looking for a Hot Tub?

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