Clean Up After Your Pool Party

The last few guests have said their farewells, and you wave to them with an earnest smile. But inside, you secretly dread the sheer amount of work you’ll have to do to clean up after your party. Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow or the next day — you just know it feels overwhelming right now, and you aren’t sure where to start.

Don’t sweat it! Here’s how to clean up after a pool party like an absolute pro.

pool area with towels, trash, and pool toys scattered around

Assess the State of the Space

It’s expected that a space will be a bit messy after a pool party, but identifying what needs to be done can help you make a task list and check things off as you go. You’ll feel much less overwhelmed if you take the time to look over the aftermath of your pool party. What takes priority?

The first thing to address should be the visible mess. Wet towels lying around or spills should probably be handled before anything else. As you assess the space, grab a garbage bag and pick up any trash. Obvious trash doesn’t need much else other than a bag to toss it in, so starting your cleanup this way is a good use of your time.

Turn Attention to the Pool

pool skimmer removing bugs and debris from the water's surface

The pool will also likely need some cleaning, whether it’s just the surrounding area or the water itself. Ideally, you will have thoroughly cleaned the pool before the party, so it shouldn’t be too bad unless there were a lot of guests or a significant spill.

Bugs, debris, and anything else floating around in the pool should be removed with a skimmer. Testing the water’s chemical balance and doing a quick maintenance clean is also highly recommended. You can contact professionals to handle your pool cleaning so you don’t have to worry nearly as much about your pool’s state.

Clean Up Food and Drink

The food and drink area is likely to be another spot where the messiness of the pool party is contained. Cleaning any strewn about food or beverages is imperative so you won’t have to deal with pests in or around your pool area.

Put away any leftover food, provided it’s still safe to eat after sitting out. Use a cleaner to wick away any sticky residue from drink-making or spilling. It’s also wise to wash any dishes right away; you’ll feel a lot better taking care of everything at once rather than leaving it for your future self to handle.

Clean Up Seating Areas

A patio furniture set with cushions drying in the sun.

Seating areas are also probably disheveled, so now’s the time to put everything back the way it was. If you’re using outdoor cushions, find a spot where they can dry if they got wet during the party. Double-check the patio furniture to see if any crumbs or wet spots need attention. Even a tiny amount of juice or a cocktail is enough to send the local wildlife your way.

Put Everything in Its Place

clean and organized patio area

Collect any reusable items and put them back in their respective places. This could be everything from your grill to pool inflatables. This is a lower-priority task but one that will make a significant difference in your cleanup.

Remember to wipe or hose down anything that might have dirt on it before putting it away. Taking care of even the small stuff like pool toys will help them last longer and keep them ready for your next pool party.

Do the Final Sweep

Review the first few steps again: assess everything and see what you’re missing. Check the pool, then the area where you had food and beverages, then the seating area. Finish the process with a final once-over of the party area.

Be more cursory this time; pay attention to nooks and crannies where people may have dropped or tossed something. Once you’re satisfied with your space, you’re ready to relax and put your feet up, knowing you had a successful party without causing yourself too much stress.

entire pool area, clean and organized

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