The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Pool

Choosing a swimming pool is a significant decision requiring homeowners to consider all angles. How much space do you have available? Which pools meet your criteria? How much are you willing to spend? With so much to think about, it’s helpful to have some guidance to steer you in the right direction. 

This article will do exactly that — show you how to make an informed decision and become the proud owner of a pool you’ll love.

Start with the Basics

Before you can start shopping in earnest, consider your unique circumstances. Buying a new pool will be an entirely different experience for someone who already owns their home versus someone who’s still building one. It’s also wise to be somewhat familiar with local zoning laws, so you know what kind of pools are allowed. 

Deciding how you’ll handle pool maintenance and adjusting or incorporating landscaping elements can also help guide your hand. While none of these facets directly deal with choosing a pool, being clear about where you’re at before you get in too deep can simplify future decision-making.

Think About Type

Are you weighing your options between an inground or above-ground pool? Or are you wondering if fiberglass is better than vinyl? If you are, you’re on the right track. The next step is to consider which type of pool you want to own. All are valid choices. However, with a little research, you can determine the best option for you and your home. 

Here are a few critical elements of each to help you get a feel for what owning one of these pools looks like.

Inground Pool

There’s a long list of reasons why inground pools can be the most desirable option for aspiring pool owners. They’re luxurious, easy to customize with unique design elements or additional amenities, and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. 

Inground pools also make your home much more enticing to potential buyers if you ever plan to sell your home. If you care about creating the traditional pool you envision in your mind, an inground pool is the best way to go.

Iowa Inground Pool - WCI Pools & Spas

Above-Ground Pool

If you feel non-committal to owning a new pool or if you think you’d want to upgrade eventually to inground, above-ground pools might be perfect for you. These pools aren’t permanent, but they still offer many of the same benefits as inground pools. 

Aside from increasing your property value and being incredibly fast to install, above-ground pools are also ideal for smaller yards. So if you’re a homeowner who likes to keep their space open or use it for other things like games or entertaining, this type of pool could be the best of both worlds.

Above Ground Pool - WCI Pools & Spas


Fiberglass-lined pools are pre-engineered, so installing them can take days instead of months. There are also a wide range of designs, so working with your builders to find the perfect fit for your backyard is easy. They’re also incredibly durable and low maintenance. 

It’s a low-commitment, high-enjoyment option for your pool that homeowners love. Fiberglass is also slip-resistant, so you can put that valid fear of accidentally slipping under the water to rest.


Vinyl pools will take slightly longer to build than fiberglass, but they’re still much faster to install than traditional concrete pools. The standard time for building a vinyl pool is roughly two to five weeks versus the three to six months it could take for a concrete pool. 

Homeowners will also need to pay a bit more attention to vinyl pools, as they require some light maintenance, like replacing liners. However, they’re also more affordable than fiberglass, sometimes by thousands of dollars. This difference allows you to add exciting features or upgrade other pool elements.

The Right Pool Is Waiting at WCI Pools & Spas

You can’t pick the right pool without finding the right company. If doing your research about pool ownership is the first step, the next is to contact WCI Pools & Spas. We’ll help you install the pool of your dreams. Our team can set you up with any of the different kinds of pools outlined here. Reach out today to learn more about the pool installation process and get a custom quote!