The Best Entry-Level Hot Tubs

There is a tremendous range of hot tubs to choose from, all with their own sets of unique features and unique advantages. And while it may seem like the best of the best are all well outside your price range, you might be shocked by just how much entry-level models have to offer. 

You also might be shocked by how many entry-level hot tubs there are to choose from. And you’ll want to carefully select yours to ensure you’re getting the best possible spa for the best possible price. To help you do that, here is a guide to the best entry-level Jacuzzi®️ hot tubs.

What to Look For in Your Hot Tub

You can also seek out a great spa on your own if you know what to look for. Below are some of the key characteristics to keep in mind.


Investing in an entry-level tub can cost you more in the long run if you choose something that doesn’t have a quality build. Sure, you may pay less up front than you would for a model that’s a level or two above, but if your spa requires frequent repairs or simply doesn’t last all that long, your costs can ultimately be higher.


If the jets aren’t doing the job you hoped they would, you’ll get a lot less out of your spa experience. Make sure to test out a potential purchase to see if the jets are exactly how you envisioned them.

jacuzzi hot tub working underwater jets



There are all kinds of seating options available, and choosing the right one can make a big difference in your experience. Make sure you’ve got the room you’re looking for in terms of total seating capacity and the amount of leg space you’ll have.


You may not be overly invested in getting every fancy new modern hot tub feature, which can make a big difference in how much you wind up spending on yours. However, it can be worthwhile to consider all the various features available to you because they have the potential to enhance your experience immensely.

unique design and jacuzzi got tub features


Energy Efficiency

Another factor to consider when determining the overall cost of a hot tub is the increase in the monthly utility bill that comes with it. It’s going to cost you to run your spa, but if you’ve got one that is highly energy efficient, you can mitigate those costs significantly.

Our Picks for Best Entry-Level Hot Tubs

Now that you know what to look for in the hot tub of your dreams, take a look at some of the best entry-level hot tub selections from Jacuzzi®️.

Jacuzzi J-215

The Jacuzzi J-215 offers seating for two to three people and is equipped with 21 jets. These highly energy-efficient models come with the CLEARRAY water treatment feature, which can reduce your need for water treatment chemicals and regular upkeep. 

One of the more convenient features of this tub is that you can plug it into your standard electrical outlet, which means you won’t need to pay to have a dedicated circuit created. 

If you’re interested in upgrades, then you can equip your Jacuzzi J-215 with the SmartTub® system, which gives you the ability to control your tub through your smartphone.

Jacuzzi J-225

The Jacuzzi® J-225offers seating for four to five people and is equipped with 26 jets. It has all of the same features as the J-215, including CLEARRAY water sanitizing and the option for a SmartTub system upgrade. This model is also 120v, so you can simply plug it right into a regular outlet.

Jacuzzi J-245

The Jacuzzi® J-245™ offers seating for six to seven people and is equipped with 36 jets. This particular model has ClassicPro jets and is one of two hot tubs in the J-200 collection that offers a jetted foot dome. It also has all of the same features as the previous models. However, it is a 240v tub, which means you’ll need a dedicated circuit to run it.

Entry-Level Hot Tubs From WCI Pools & Spas

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