Easy Yet Effective Hot Tub Exercises for a Great Workout

You probably see a hot tub and think how relaxing it looks – with the steam coming up from the refreshing water, inviting you to take a nice soothing soak. But have you ever considered a hot tub a place for exercise or working out? You can use your hot tub not just as a means of relaxing, but you can enhance your at-home spa by using it to improve your health and fitness goals as well. 

The hot tub offers a great place to enjoy an aquatic workout routine. The water provides buoyancy that relieves pressure on joints, making it a great place to work out without heavy wear on your body. Those suffering from inflammation will especially benefit from this feature. Exercising in a hot tub can have many amazing health benefits. The following hot tub exercises can help you improve your circulation, as well as stay fit & healthy in the convenience of your own backyard. 

Easy Hot Tub Exercises

Leg extensions

This exercise will work out your outer and inner thighs. Stand with your feet together and use one arm to hold onto the side of your hot tub for balance. Raise one leg horizontally outward to the side and then slowly lower it. Repeat this motion for several reps and then switch to the other leg. 


Stand in your hot tub with your feet shoulder-width apart (hold onto a side for support). Slowly bend your knees and allow your hips to go back as if you are about to sit in a chair until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Avoid extending your knees over your ankles, and keep your weight on your heels. When you go back to the standing position, push through your heels to maintain your balance. 

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Running in Place

This exercise is more self-explanatory. Running in place by standing up in the water of your hot tub will help you build your quads and leg muscles. Having a bar nearby can help make the exercise more effective, as you might feel more confident about having something to grab on to in order to stabilize yourself as you run.

Arm circles

Extend your arms out to your sides to form a “t” shape. Move your arms forward in small circular motions while making sure your arms are fully submerged. After 10-30 seconds, switch the direction to the back. The water will provide resistance and help strengthen and tone your arms. 

Bicycle kicks

Sit on the edge of your hot tub seat and rest your hands on the edge to stabilize yourself. Extend your legs towards the center of your tub and bring a leg towards yourself before extending back out and switching to the other, similar to a bicycle motion.


At the end of a good workout or exercise routine, what better way to end than a nice hydromassage from the Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ Jets to enjoy a soothing way to recover from your workout. The water of your hot tub is not just a means of resistance for exercising, it also provides the soothing embrace meant to help you feel amazing. 

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Whether you’re a relatively fit athlete, or someone looking to up their health and wellness game in a convenient way, the benefits & features of hot tubs from Jacuzzi® can provide everything you need to get an effective and easy workout right at home. Plus, with all the other health benefits offered by Jacuzzi® hot tubs you can recover and relax as well. 

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