During the hot summer months, it may seem like you live more around your swimming pool than you do inside your house. The pool becomes a place where you can cool off, where the kids can have fun, and where you can relax after a long day of work. But while the pool is great, sometimes it and the area around it could be better. If you want to improve your backyard swimming pool installation, here are a few things you could do.


Above-ground swimming pools often stand out because you see their plain sides. If you surround the pool with a deck, though, you can help integrate it more into your backyard. The deck may be an extension of a deck you already have, or it could be a new structure that ties into your patio. Either way, a deck is also very functional. It makes it easier to get into the pool and creates a space where others can sit near the pool and talk to those swimming in it.


A pergola provides a space to hang a hammock, hanging chair, or simply some lights or screen to keep the sun off of you while you relax near the pool. You can also hang lights from the pergola to light up the pool area at night. This space, especially if you hang a swing for two from it, can become a very romantic area for you and your significant other at night.


Another way of sprucing up the exterior of your pool and the patio or deck by it is to add some plants and flowers. Potted flowers can be perfect additions to your patio and deck. You can also put in a flowerbed around your pool for a more exclusive and luxurious appeal. However, the pop of color that these flowers can add to the space will help hide the sides of the pool and make the entire space look great.


Solar showers are sun-powered outdoor showers that aren’t permanent. You simply attach your garden hose to the solar shower and turn on the water. The sun-powered pump sends the water up through the tall pole and out the spout, giving you the perfect way of rinsing off after a dip in the pool without the costs associated with a permanent outdoor shower.  You can find solar showers at most pool supply stores.


If you plan on using the pool at night, you’ll need some lights. While your outdoor lights on your home may light up the area, they may not be that attractive. Instead, consider stringing lights between your trees or from your pergola to create an inviting space. There are even some floating lights available wherever you find swimming pools for sale that you can actually put in the pool itself.

These are just a few of the different things you can do to improve your swimming pool installation. Why not try a few of them and see what a difference they make?

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