Some words that come to mind for many when they hear the word “swimming pool” are “summer”, “relaxation”, “exercise”, and “fun”. The point, of course, is that many people associate swimming pools with positive things.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about getting a pool. Maybe you’re simply entertaining the idea and need a few answers. Well, we’ll give you the bad news first: there are both pros and cons to having a swimming pool. We wouldn’t want anyone to suffer disappointment about making such a big investment, so here are the facts.


People of all ages can enjoy playful fun in a swimming pool, playing Marco Polo or volleyball, or just splashing around. Your social gatherings can consist of healthy activity in addition to eating, and you can get in a little exercise while enjoying your social life.

Con: You just don’t have enough time for tedious housework after spending countless hours socializing and having fun in the sun. Scrubbing those baseboards will just have to wait.


Gazing across the still surface of your pool as the moon casts its glow across the water can cause all your cares to float away. Then, there’s the weightless feeling you get as you glide through the water, and it’s pure bliss. You start to find yourself unencumbered by things that used to cause you stress – work, traffic, money, hectic schedules. You know your pool is always there for you, calling you to the peaceful comfort of its embrace. Nothing gets to you anymore.

Con: You’re disappointing your boss with your stress-free attitude. He tries to get a rise out of you, but it’s just not working. You want to care about his feelings, but your mind is on that relaxing dip you’re going to take when you get home. He’ll just have to get over it.

Double Con: You’re all the kids’ favorite parent because you’re so laid back. They want to be your best friend, and it’s so embarrassing when they’re all shouting “hello” to you across the schoolyard.


You never have to leave the house to exercise. You’re much more likely to exercise when you don’t have to fight traffic or the crowd at the gym. Plus, exercising in a swimming pool is less exhausting due to the water’s natural buoyancy. Furthermore, exercising in the pool pushes your body work harder. In fact, 30 minutes in the pool equal to 45 minutes of the same activity on land.

Con: You have no excuses for not exercising anymore. It’s so easy to have a great body with just 30 minutes of swimming a day that even your spouse is getting jealous and joining in on the fun.


As you can see, you really need to weigh the pros and cons of owning a swimming pool. They’re the perfect place for relaxing, getting gentle exercise, and entertaining, but think again. Do you really want to have the favorite house in the neighborhood, be the most popular parent, be indifferent to attempts to agitate you, and look amazing in anything you put on?

Find your dream swimming pool today!

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