With the busy schedules that many of us manage to keep, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to be alone with that certain someone. Because it may not happen as often as we would like, having somewhere special to take them that is as close as your own backyard can be a romantic means of maintaining the sparks in a relationship that deserves your attention. An investment in a swim spa can prove to be a valuable asset to both your backyard and lifestyle. In this article, we’re going to help you plan the perfect date night to reconnect with your significant other with assistance from your swim spa.


For an unforgettable memory, try to cater to each of the five senses. Whenever we go out on a fancy date, we expect excellent service, so it makes sense that we should treat ourselves just as well when we are at home. With a few tips, it can be easy to give yourself a five-star experience without even having to leave your yard or swim spa.


Music is a universal language and is often one of the first things many people bond over when getting to know each other. Think of the songs that remind you of them. Recall any of their favorite tunes and create a playlist. Add in any groups that may create a more intimate vibe. If you both like to dance, pick out several songs that could help enhance the mood. It is easy to connect speakers to surround your yard with music or even just keep it concentrated in one area for greater privacy. Most modern swim spas offer a Bluetooth connection with internal speakers, so you can listen from the comfort of the warm water.


Add in bursts of color with hanging baskets of attractive flowers or ferns. Have a comfortable place available to sit if the spa becomes too intense. As a gentle light source, consider using citronella candles or Tiki torches. Not only do they add to the sensuality of the evening, but they will also keep mosquitoes at bay. Also adding a drop or two of peppermint oil to a full hot tub of water can add to the relaxation of the jets while defending against biting insects. Be sure to have soft towels or comfortable robes accessible if you would prefer to lounge outside for a little bit longer.

You may also want to turn on the internal lights within your swim spa. This is known as chroma-therapy, which can help to improve mood, set a tone and improve the atmosphere, among many other health benefits.


It is a good idea to have a few light snacks prepared. If you know you will be outside for most of the evening, choose foods that do not spoil. A colorful medley of chilled fruits, vegetables and nuts is both simple and healthy. If the weather is slightly cooler or the tray will be inside, a charcuterie plate is something that looks extravagant but is very easy to put together. Salami and other cured meats can be arranged with a variety of cheeses on a platter. When you include a selection of olives and crackers, this is sure to be a much-appreciated assortment your significant other can admire!


If this article gives you a good idea of how easy it could be to plan your next swim spa date night, then you may be able to find even more useful information when you check out our blog. If you have any questions about any of our large swim spas for sale or would like to learn more about hot tubs, come to WCI Pools & Spas located in Ames and Urbandale where our staff is always happy to help you!