Plan the Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a romantic evening, consider a hot tub date night. Hot tubs offer an incredible mixture of mood, relaxation, and recreation that can make for an unforgettable evening right in your backyard. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, take a look at the following tips for making it happen.

Buy a Hot Tub

Jacuzzi® J-425 Hot Tub - WCI Pools and Spas offers tips to have the perfect hot tub date night.

You will probably have some trouble putting together a great hot tub date night if you don’t have a hot tub. But not all hot tubs are created equal when it comes to accommodating couples. You want one with lounge seating for maximum comfort on your date night.

Once you’ve got the perfect couples hot tub in your own backyard, that hot tub date night doesn’t need to be a one-time thing. It can be something you share with your significant other regularly.

Set the Mood

The comfort and relaxation your hot tub provides will certainly help to set the mood for your date night, but there’s a lot more you can do to take the romantic ambiance to another level.

Create a Playlist

Music makes everything better, and hot tub date nights are no exception. But you don’t want to just throw on any old tunes and hope for the best. You’ll want to curate the perfect playlist for a romantic evening. 

It can be a collection of romantic songs you enjoy or songs you and your date both have a connection to. Either way, get it ready before the date night, so the mood is just right.

Adjust the Lighting

WCI Pools and Spas offers tips to have the perfect hot tub date night.

Romance and lighting are inextricably connected, and every perfect date night plan takes this fact into account. But don’t panic if your date arrives and you suddenly realize the lighting is not quite right; SmartTub® allows you to easily control your hot tub’s lighting from your phone.


Put the finishing touches on your date night mood-setting by adding some aromatherapy pods or crystals to your hot tub. A delicate fragrance added to the already soothing ambiance of your hot tub is the perfect way to bring it all together for a romantic evening.

Invite Your Date

WCI Pools and Spas offers tips to have the perfect hot tub date night.

Now that everything is set for your date night, it’s time to bring in the most important part of the whole evening — your date. Once they’ve arrived, consider doing the following:

Share Some Sweet Treats

You won’t necessarily be able to eat a whole meal in your hot tub — at least you probably won’t want to — but adding some sweet treats to your date night plans can be a lot of fun. 

Finger foods are definitely ideal, and chocolate-covered strawberries are probably the number one choice because not only are they easy to eat and delicious, but they’re the most romantic of all sweet treats.

Plan Some Fun Activities

Soaking in the tub together can be a lot of fun in and of itself, but all date nights should involve at least one or two pre-planned activities to keep things interesting. You’ll be somewhat restricted by the hot tub, but if you get a bit creative, you’ll find that there’s plenty more to do than just relax.

Play Some Games

You can’t really bust out the deck of playing cards in a hot tub, but there are games you can play that don’t require any items which might get ruined in the tub. 21 Questions is a great example, and so is Two Truths and a Lie.


The world is so full of distractions today that many people never have a quiet moment to enjoy the wonder of the world around them. A hot tub date night is the perfect time to have that moment. You and your date can spend a portion of the evening peacefully watching the night sky and letting the romance simmer.


It sounds so simple that it’s almost silly, but one of the best parts of any date night is the conversations you share with one another. Make a point of engaging in conversation and let it flow. You’ll likely find that nothing else makes the time fly in quite the same way.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub Date Night!

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