Introducing the New Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection

Comfort and luxury never stop being essential parts of living a full life. That’s why hot tub designers everywhere are always thinking about new ways to innovate and create the next big thing in spas. 

What’s the latest in spas with unparalleled personal comfort? The Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection. These unique Jacuzzis®️ are the perfect blend of design and function, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to create an enhanced experience for the owner.

However, everyone knows that just because something is flashy and new doesn’t necessarily mean it has the functionality to back up the hype. So why is everyone raving about the Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection? Let’s take a closer look.

Contemporary Designs That Feel Fresh and Timeless

The striking look of the Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection is only the beginning of what makes the tubs so impressive. The sleek square shape gives you clean lines all around. And with acrylic shells that come in platinum or porcelain, there’s a customization that can help you fit your new tub into your current aesthetic. 

You can also select three cabinet options: smoked ebony, brushed gray, and modern hardwood. 

a man is relaxing in a jacuzzi j-lx hot tub with a mountain view

Just the Right Size for Virtually Any Outdoor Space

The Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection is fit for spaces of any size. Despite their ability to accommodate five to seven adults, many of these tubs have a compact design that doesn’t impact the soaking experience in the slightest. 

For example, the J-LXL® model has cozy lounge seating within the soaking space and can still be the right size for homeowners with less space economy in their outdoor areas.

Let There Be Light (Therapy)

Hydrotherapy has many well-documented therapeutic benefits. And now, this unique tub collection combines the power of hydrotherapy with infrared light. Red light therapy could improve the appearance of your skin by minimizing redness and tightening wrinkles. 

Much more promising research is coming out surrounding red light therapy; owning one of these tubs puts you ahead of the wellness curve. Jacuzzi®️ is also the only brand to offer infrared or red light therapy in its products, so you won’t find this kind of relief anywhere else.

Unique Jet Systems

jacuzzi j-lx hot tub's jet system

The Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection doesn’t just stop at red light therapy. You’ll find many relaxing jets throughout the tub that you can use to gently ease your tension away. The Specialty RX jets are more robust and pulse steadily, giving you jet therapy with a full body massage.

The MX jets help you release tension in your lower back. These nozzles are easily adjusted, so you can target specific areas for even more customized relief. If muscle aches and tightness are a big part of why you’re searching for a better hot tub, you’ve found the perfect fit with this collection.

Soak Smarter

Like many modern tubs, the Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection is fully compatible with many smart tub systems. You can use these systems to communicate with your tub virtually anywhere in your home or while on the go. 

Hook up the Smart Tub System to your Google Assistant, Alexa, or smartphone, and you’ll have instant access to your tub’s controls. This allows you to tweak your tub’s settings from anywhere — you’ll never have to wait for your tub to warm up again. It’s ready when you are!

Less Maintenance and More Time for Yourself

The Jacuzzi®️ J-LX®️ Collection also features the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen®️ system to assist with keeping your hot tub’s water clean around the clock. Ozone and UV-C technology make water care simpler than ever, so there’s much less intervention from you and fewer water changes. 

jacuzzi j-lx hot tub angle view with led control pad

The ozone system is particularly unique. It helps destroy microorganisms and causes small bits of debris to clump together into larger clusters. This makes it easier for the tub’s filter to catch and remove them, leaving you with consistently clean water.

Browse the Impressive Collection at WCI Pools & Spas

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