How to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience with SmartTub™️

Ensuring that a hot tub stays safe, clean, and in running order can take a lot of time and plenty of effort, which is why so many hot tub owners are always looking for tools designed to simplify and enhance their hot tub experience.

If that sounds like you, then we’ve got just the innovative hot tub technology you’re looking for: the SmartTub™️ System.

With the SmartTub™️ System, you can control and monitor your hot tub remotely. Your hot tub will always be ready when you need it, and you and your hot tub dealer are notified when something needs attention. But that’s only the beginning of all of the great features this easy-to-use and highly convenient system has to offer.

If you want to learn about how the SmartTub™️ System can revolutionize the way you experience a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub then read on for all you need to know.


What Is the SmartTub™️ System?

If you own or have ever used smart home automation technology, such as Google Nest, then you already have a pretty good idea of what the SmartTub™️ System is. It’s a way to control, care for, keep an eye on, and protect your hot tub remotely through an app on your smartphone. This simple system can not only greatly enhance your hot tub experience, but it can also help you maintain your hot tub so that you get to enjoy that experience for many years to come.


SmartTub™️ System Features

So you know now that the SmartTub™️ System can enhance your hot tub experience, but you may not know exactly what that means. Well, don’t worry. We’ve detailed some of the major features that the system has to offer below.

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

With the SmartTub™️ System, keeping an eye on your hot tub has never been simpler, thanks to the remote monitoring feature. Should a problem arise in your hot tub, the system will detect it and immediately notify you and the hot tub dealer. You’ll be able to address the issue as quickly as possible. The system will also offer some simple troubleshooting tips in order to help you address an unidentified issue on your own.

You might be all too familiar with the frustration of trying to troubleshoot an issue with your hot tub all on your own. Maybe you’ve had to call in a repair company to get to the bottom of a long-standing issue with your hot tub. The SmartTub™️ System helps you avoid that frustration by letting you know something is wrong before you’ve even had a chance to notice it yourself. This will help to minimize hot tub downtime and maximize hot tub enjoyment.

Remote Control

With the SmartTub™️ System, you can control your hot tub from the other side of the planet, provided you’ve got a WiFi connection. This can help you reduce power consumption and lower your energy bills, keep your water clean and clear, and allow you to turn your tub on when you’re out and about. You can keep your tub heated and ensure it’s ready to use when you arrive home.

Timed Reminders

The upkeep of a hot tub is fairly simple, but you do need to stay on top of it, or you may experience some issues that are not so simple. In order to reduce your own mental clutter and ensure that you’re always right on time with your hot tub maintenance, your SmartTub™️ System can provide you with timed reminders that let you know what needs to be done and when.

Power Outage Notifications

Should your home experience any kind of power outage, both you and your hot tub dealer will be notified promptly so that you can react accordingly. This feature simplifies more than just your hot tub experience; it simplifies the experience of being a homeowner.

Other Features

The SmartTub™️ System also includes the following features:

  • Energy usage estimation
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy setup
  • Smart system learns your preferences

If you’d like to know more about all of the various features the SmartTub™️ System has to offer, reach out to WCI pools & Spas today.


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