A relaxing soak in the hot tub can’t be beat. But, if you want to take your spa installation up a notch, why not add a little fall ambiance? There are many ways to bring some autumn style to your backyard, no matter what your budget. Read on for some great tips on how you can decorate your outdoor spa area without breaking the bank.


You just can’t go wrong with flowers. They add color and vibrancy to any outdoor design without costing you an arm and a leg. To get into the fall spirit, you’ll want to choose autumn-toned blossoms that can withstand the cooler temperatures.

Mums are a hardy flower that come in yellow, red and orange. They bloom September through October and possibly even into November, if there is no frost. Helenium’s are another nice choice. They come in similar colors, and bloom in late summer right through October.

To show off your vivid blooms, transfer them to planters that compliment your spa installation. They look great framing stairs, so adding a planter on either side of your spa’s steps is a nice touch. You can also scatter planters in various corners of your deck or patio for an added punch of color.


You can enhance your flowerpots and add a little extra pizzazz with some pumpkins. Choosing different sizes and shapes adds texture while opting for a mixture of white and orange lends visual interest. You can also use pumpkins and gourds to create an attractive arrangement for your deck or patio. A wooden crate or an old galvanized metal washtub looks great filled with pumpkins, gourds and pinecones.

If you like a country look, why not use hay bales? Arrange a bale on either side of your spa’s steps or patio door and use them as a base to build off of. You can set planters of flowers atop the bales and arrange pumpkins and branches of leaves around them. If you want to go all out with the country theme, try tying some dried corn stalks on either side of your door or steps.


Metal lanterns add a bit of elegance to your fall theme, contrasting nicely with the more rustic elements. Large lanterns can be filled with pinecones, mini pumpkins or a mixture of both. In smaller lanterns, opt for deep red or gold candles. These smaller lanterns can be used as a centerpiece for your patio table or can be placed around the sides of your spa if your tub is framed by wood or stone. Large lanterns can be arranged on the ground alone or added to your hay, flower or pumpkin arrangement.


As the air cools this fall, you may want to consider adding some warmth to your outdoor seating. Autumn-hued throws and pillows will not only keep you warm but transform your seating area for the new season. Shades of red, gold, brown or orange will tie in perfectly with your other decorations.


Fall isn’t always about the visual. Scents can also remind us of this aromatic season. Aromatherapy is a perfect way to introduce the smells of fall into your outdoor spa area. While it’s important not to add essential oils to your hot tub water, you can use fall-scented candles or a diffuser with your favorite essential oils like cinnamon, pumpkin or apple.


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