Best Ways to Upgrade Your Hot Tub

Just because you’ve already got a hot tub that you love doesn’t mean you need to stop there. Here are the best ways to upgrade your hot tub to make your experience more safe, convenient, and — most importantly — luxurious. 

To help you do that, we’ve created this guide to some of the best ways to upgrade your hot tub. It includes some simple items that can make your life easier, as well as some more fancy options for living the type of decadent hot tub life that you deserve.


Hot Tub Steps

Hot Tub Steps


We know, we know: when you hear about ways to upgrade your hot tub, you’re probably not thinking about adding something to help you hop in with greater ease, but believe us when we tell you that a simple set of steps can transform your hot tub experience in a hurry. 

Providing a way for you and your guests to easily and conveniently access your hot tub is an awesome upgrade in and of itself, but hot tub steps offer more than just that. 

They come with anti-slip grips, which make things a lot safer, especially for younger hot tubbers, and they also provide a convenient storage area for your towels, making the dry-off phase of the hot tub experience a much simpler one.

With a variety of different styles to choose from, your steps can also add to the hot tub aesthetic you’re going for. Match them up with your cabinetry, and you’ve got a simple, safe, convenient, and attractive way to upgrade your hot tub.



Hot Tub Cover


Few things can take away from basking in the luxury of your hot tub like dirt and debris swimming around in there with you. 

You already do a lot of maintenance to keep your tub and the water inside of it clean enough to sit in — you don’t need to buy a miniature version of a pool skimmer to break out before each soak. That’s where a cover comes in. 

It’s possible that you already have a cover for your hot tub, but keep in mind that not all covers are created equal. By upgrading yours, you can not only keep your water as clean as possible between uses, but you can also improve your tub’s energy efficiency and save some money on those utility bills. 

Don’t forget that a quality cover can add to the aesthetic value of your tub, as well.


Cover Lifters


Hot Tub Cover Lifter


That hot tub cover may add a lot of convenience, but there are certainly some aspects to it that are not so convenient. 

Pulling the cover off can be a hassle and awkward if you don’t have help from another person. Then there’s the dilemma of placing it somewhere that won’t cause it to get covered in dirt, grass, and other unpleasant debris. 

Upgrade your hot tub with a cover lifter, and you’ll never have to deal with that hassle ever again. Cover lifters are easy-to-install mechanisms that connect your hot tub cover to brackets, which makes removing it fast and simple. The best part is that your cover lifter requires very little space to operate, and it will keep your cover off the ground.


SmartTub™️ System

Hot Tub SmartTub System


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your hot tub for maximum luxury and convenience, then the SmartTub™️ system is definitely something worth considering.

SmartTub™️ technology allows you to automate your hot tub and control it remotely using your smartphone. It provides remote monitoring and alerts so that both you and your hot tub dealer know when an issue arises. 

This system also offers remote control features that allow you to turn your tub on before you get home so that it’s ready to go before you even pull into the driveway.

One of the best things about the SmartTub™️ system is that it can remind you when any kind of hot tub maintenance is necessary. 

Keeping your upkeep on a regular schedule is the easiest way to ensure that you always have a clean and operable hot tub whenever you need it and that you don’t have to deal with any complicated and costly issues that were otherwise avoidable.

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