5 Swim Spa Deck Ideas

5 Swim Spa Deck Ideas - WCI Pools and Spas - Ames Iowa

If you’re looking for swim spa deck ideas, you’ve come to the right place! One of the best ways to add style as well as plenty of comfort and convenience to your swim spa space is by building an accompanying deck for it. A deck provides your swim spa with its own defined space and provides an area where you can add to its visual appeal with all kinds of different decorations and accessories.

With the right deck, you can better enjoy and display your investment. No matter the layout of your property, there is a way to incorporate a deck that both looks great and functions well. Let’s dive in.

Deck and Swim Spa Maintenance Considerations

Please keep in mind with all of your deck plans that there should be 2 feet of clearance around the swim spa for service professionals should there be a need. You can still achieve all of these looks with “trap doors”, movable sections, and other methods. Providing access for technicians is imperative when surrounding a swim spa with decking.

Large Deck – Swim Spa Deck Idea #1

Your deck doesn’t need to exclusively showcase and support your swim spa. It can also provide space for tables, barbecues, benches, and bars. Additionally, your deck can stand freely on your property, or it can connect to your back door for easy access directly from your home. 

Multi-tiered decks are a great way to create different areas of focus while also adding to the deck’s overall appeal.

Small Deck – Swim Spa Deck Idea #2

Perhaps you do want your deck to be more space efficient. That concept offers a lot in the way of both convenience and style, too. 

You can create a free-standing deck in the location of your choice on your property and turn that area into a world of its own. When you build a free-standing deck for your swim spa, you can consider elements such as ease of entry to customize the deck to your personal needs.

Sunken Deck – Swim Spa Deck Idea #3

One of the most attractive swim spa deck concepts is the sunken deck. A large spa can stick out like a sore thumb in a yard, especially if you’re the type of person who prefers a more natural sense of design. 

With a sunken deck, you can incorporate your swim spa into your yard with greater subtlety, allowing it to look more like a feature than an attraction.

The design possibilities with a sunken swim spa deck are endless and virtually all aesthetically pleasing. If style is a top priority for your deck, then a sunken deck is a strong option to consider.

Under Deck – Swim Spa Deck Idea #4

There are many benefits to building an elevated deck. An elevated deck makes use of vertical space on your property, allows for beautiful views, and even provides a prime area for you to place your swim spa. 

Keeping your swim spa beneath an elevated deck offers great privacy and protects your spa from all kinds of falling debris, which means less maintenance for you.

Under Pergola – Swim Spa Deck Idea #5

A popular option swim spa deck option is to place a pergola over it. Pergolas are not only stylish on their own, but are customizable by adding different coverings. This allows you to put a personal touch on the style as well as protect you from the sun, precipitation, and falling debris.

You can go with a perfectly sized pergola that covers only the swim spa, or create a whole swim spa patio area with a larger-sized pergola. The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.