Between work and extracurriculars, life can quickly get hectic and stressful. After a busy day at the office or chasing the kids around the house, nothing can be quite as relaxing as enjoying a long soak in your hot tub. While hot tubs are the perfect place to close your eyes and lounge with soothing music playing in the background, there’s so much more to your hot tub than just soaking. These four things can be done in a 4-person hot tub, allowing you a chance to make the most out of your backyard retreat!


Whether you’re hanging out with just one friend in your hot tub or you’re sharing your space with three of your best friends, games are a great way to have fun in your hot tub. Instead of reaching for board or card games, which can get damaged in the water, you can rely on your imagination in your hot tub. Games like charades, or brainteaser puzzle games, can stimulate your mind as you unwind.


A movie can be a fantastic way to get your family together in your hot tub. Set up your laptop computer, or a projection screen, safely away from the water. You can arrange the speakers behind you and to your sides to get a surround-sound experience. Make sure the movie matches the tone, though; while scary movies can be fun, they may not be the right choice for lounging in the hot tub at night!


Reading can be a wonderful way to keep your mind sharp while you relax. You can even read solo if you prefer! Make sure you keep a towel handy to dry damp fingers off. This can help prevent the pages of your book from getting wet and accidentally ruining your favorite novel. A hot tub book club can keep the pages turning, too. After you finish reading your book, you can then start a lively discussion about the story you just read with your fellow tub mates!


Your hot tub is the ideal spot for meditation. Set up some candles or incense around the edge of your hot tub and allow your cares and worries to float away. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to help put the mind at ease, and what better place to do it than your hot tub? If you prefer, you can play soothing music while you meditate. Take slow, deliberate breaths, then let them out. Ahhh… now doesn’t that feel nice?


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